Robertino is a Vienna-based online toy store. The company concentrates on natural, organic materials. Their toys encourage children's creativity and enjoyment. Our customer desired a one of a kind, kid-friendly website. The website's main aim was to be entertaining, child-friendly, and eye-catching.





Front & Backend Development

Responsive ready.

A contemporary design that is memorable.

It is critical to have a distinct design that customers remember. A design that draws attention to the eye.

Easy to navigate and future proof.

The site is meant to be user-friendly for people of all ages. Everything is clearly labeled and comprehensible.

Add your favorite product to your wishlist.

Quickview any products in the shop.

Add to cart button.

Filterable categories.

Ajax search.

Variant picture change on hover.


Use the Ajax filter or the filterable categories to quickly navigate around the shop. The wishlist button allows you to keep track of all your favorite goods. Do you need a closer look? Make use of the quickview button.

Up & Cross sell

The website was created with the goal of cross-selling and upselling in mind. Every item is interconnected.